What is Apolo Throttle Response Controller?

Apolo Throttle Response Controller Benefits.

  • Improve Acceleration.
  • Eliminate Throttle Delay.
  • Reduce Turbo Lag.
  • Save Fuel.

What is Apolo Throttle Response Controller?

Since 2000, All vehicles have replaced the throttle wire which used to open the admission system by an electronic system called “Drive by Wire”. Unfortunately, this system has a throttle delay when the throttle is pressed, which results in unresponsive vehicles, slow accelerations and overtaking, also climbing difficulties.

Apolo is a throttle delay eliminator device with State-of-the-art technology, which Removes throttle delay, managing to transform the vehicles handling, making them safer, funnier with better acceleration and performance.

All this thanks to Apolo which is a throttle response controller.

With our Plug & Drive philosophy Apolo Throttle Response Optimizer can be installed by anyone, it’ll take no more de 10 minutes to install.

Discover the real performance of your vehicle. Apolo Throttle Response Optimizer will make your driving experience more passionate, funnier, enjoyable and safer. Giving you the power when and where you need it.

Apolo STC-7 Throttle Response Controller.

Apolo Throttle Response Optimizer with state of art technology allows you to select among 36 different management forms included in the following modes.

Dynamic (9 levels)
Sport (9 levels)
Race (9 levels)
Eco (9 levels)
Stock (Factory)

It includes an ECO version that will allow you to save fuel.
Apolo STC-7 Throttle Response Optimizer has a display that make easier to change the driving modes.

Apolo STC-7 Throttle Response Controller: Driving Modes

DYNAMIC: Moderate increasing of throttle response providing better acceleration. (1-9 Levels to adjust from weaker to stronger).

SPORT: Harder throttle response than the Dynamic mode, resulting in a more sportive driving. Ideal for speed enthusiasts. (1-9 Levels to adjust from weaker to stronger).

RACE: Ideal throttle response for races and speed situations. Not suggested for regular street use. Made for those who don’t fear real horsepower. (1-9 Levels to adjust from weaker to stronger).

ECO: The ecologic throttle response is ideal for those who want to save gas. It delays the throttle response.

STOCK: Bring throttle response to manufactures settings.